South Pacific Exchange can be involved in the exchange process as much or as little as needed. Our goal is to make sure your experience is as uncomplicated, stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

Our service breakdown includes:

Planning & preparation


No Cost
  • Advisory service and guidance
  • Interview and selection process
organisation & preselection

500,00 €

Fixed Price
  • Preselection of high school/college
  • Support of travel arrangements
Enrolment, host family & Support

500,00 €

Fixed Price
  • School selection and enrolment
  • Host family selection and introduction
  • Integration into community
  • Orientation and briefing
  • Introduction to new friends and contacts, including other exchange students
  • Shopping (guidance only) for any personal needs
  • Organisation for trip back home, including transportation, posting of items, deregistrations and farewell occasions etc.
Further Support - optional service

200,00 €

Fixed Price
  • Visits and inspection of host family   [ once per term ]
  • Initial consultation with the school about integration and progress
  • Recommendations for sporting and recreational activities available through school
  • Recommendations for cultural, leisure and tourist activities
  • Access to counselling and support organisations
  • Fortnightly catch ups with exchange student (phone or face-to-face)
  • School visits and consultation with the people in charge of student's education status   [ once per term ]
  • Written report to parents about integration, performance and well-being.

Additional fees

  • School fees - aproximately NZD$6500+ for 6 months or NZD$13,000+ for 12 months. Additional costs for school fees may apply.
  • Living costs - aproximately NZD$250 per week.
  • Pocket money
  • Registration fees for recreational and sporting activities outside the school programme